In Spring 2013, the Value Investing Congress and Upgrade Capital launched the Benjamin Graham Fellowship to bridge the divide between emerging young investors and industry veterans. Fellows are granted access to thought leaders in the global value investing community. At the outset this consisted of opportunities to attend the Congress, where speakers have included Bill Ackman, David Einhorn, Leon Cooperman, and Mohnish Pabrai.

In Fall 2014 we launched a dedicated mentorship program to allow for ongoing interaction between Fellows and select professional investors. Over the course of two to four months, each Fellow is guided by their mentor through an in-depth analysis of a publicly traded company. The program is modelled after Columbia Business School's Advanced Investment Research course and shares its emphasis on using primary research to build variant views.

Who Should Apply

Investment research requires much more work than most students realise. It can also be very open-ended — every company is different, and understanding it requires identifying and building comfort around its particular idiosyncrasies.

If this kind of work sounds interesting to you, we invite you to apply for the Fellowship.

While familiarity with financial accounting and modelling is expected, we generally look at technical skills more as evidence of your interest in investing rather than as essential prerequisites for involvement in this program.

Founded in 2004, the Value Investing Congress exists to foster the growth of a vibrant community of serious value investors. Created by and for students of Benjamin Graham and Warren Buffett, the Congress promotes good investment ideas, thoughtful due diligence, and the enhancement of each community member's investing wisdom and success.
UUpgrade Capital is a talent scout specialised in finding exceptional young investors. We enable financial firms to systematically screen investment research gathered from students across dozens of universities.

We also support the development of up-and-coming talent through various mentorship programs.